Model Shoot with Maria!

Last week, Maria and I did a shoot over in Nu'uanu. First time it didn't rain on me! Maria's a relatively new model, but she had a terrific attitude, and that's what really matters to me on shoots. We shot early in the morning, although that wonderful morning light I was hoping for, never showed face, so I improvised and focused on getting some nice, clean backgrounds. Maria decided to play some tunes from Pandora on her phone, which really helped in setting different moods for the shots.

Used the Siggy 85mm 1.4 for most of the shoot b/c of its uncanny ability to melt away backgrounds to isolate the subject :D

Thanks for looking! Happy Thursday!


  1. I loooove the Sigma 85mm 1.4! The backgrounds are amazingly clean!

  2. If you have the funds, you should invest in one for your pet photography Jen! That lens can make ANY background beautiful :D



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