Boudoir Shoot with M!

The majority of my recent model work has been outdoors, so I felt it was time to change things up by switching gears to indoors. Boudoir photography has been something that I've wanted to explore further, especially with the mood and intimacy that comes with this genre. Finding the right model to collaborate with was very important, and I found everything I needed in M. She is not only very confident in her body and expressions, but more importantly is an incredibly down to earth person who was willing to put in as much, if not more effort, than me into our shoot :)

The shoot stretched over two days. The first day M did her own makeup, using a blue eyeshadow to highlight her eyes. I used mostly window light for a natural look. The second day, Zairrah came and did a smokey look, and also worked her magic on M's hair to give a more glamorous feel. I tried a new off-camera flash technique (more on that later) to give a dreamy feel to the images. 

A big mahalo to Marissa and Zairrah for their awesome work on this shoot! :)

Day 2 of the shoot! Taken right after Zairrah finished her smokey look on Marissa :)

Marissa organizing her wardrobe before we started shooting...

One thing I enjoy about model shoots is that it gives me a chance to experiment with lighting techniques, without the time pressure of a client shoot. I've been reading "Sketching Light" by Joe McNally, and wanted to try a technique that he uses a lot on assignments. Basically, he covers a doorway with a bedesheet, and fires multiple flashes through it, turning the doorway into a massive softbox with great wrap-around light. I tried a similar setup during this shoot. You can see the bedsheet clamped to the sliding door frame in this photo. 

I stuck two SB900s outside on a light stand, and fired them through the bedsheet. Flashes were triggered with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5. Both fired on manual, since TTL got really confused with the bedsheet setup. 

And here are the results...very soft, and beautiful light :)


  1. Great set of images and thanks for sharing the bedsheet idea!
    How are you liking the Flex TT5 for Nikon? I have been looking at these for a while now..


  2. Thank you Brian! I love the Flex TT5...very solid system, and if something isn't working, it is usually due to my error (i.e wrong channel, transmitter not turned on). Been using it for several months now, and am very happy with it. Range is kinda limited, however. I only get about 150 ft max, but people online say that's b/c the TTL signal is more complex than a normal radio signal that the older PW (i.e Plus II), transmit.



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