A Lighthearted Approach

One goal of mine as a photographer this year, was to get know the people in front of my camera better. After all, a portrait is a likeness of a person, and to me, the more time you take to understand your subject, the better chance you have of capturing the honest and real side of them. Alicia and I had plenty of time to chat before, during, and after the shoot, and I must say, she's quite a character...I don't know any models that love steak and Halo 3 as much as she does :) Aside from being very comfortable in front of the camera, Alicia also has quite a goofy and lighthearted  personality, and I wanted to capture both of those things in the shoot.

You'll notice a lot of the images in this post are similar to each other. Another thing that I have been exploring is photo sequences. I'm finding that these sequences can convey moments and expression in ways that a single image can't achieve, and will be doing more of this in future shoots. 

The concept for this shoot was outdoor boudoir, but I wanted to move away from sultry and sexy, and err towards playful and goofy (hence the colorful wardrobe). Model work is my creative outlet from client work, and this shoot helped me remember not to take life too seriously :)


  1. What a beautiful range of photos. I like the use of color. It certainly adds the element of "fun" to these photos. Which lens were you shooting with? I wonder if it's the excellent 35mm that you made a review of? Beautiful work!

  2. Thank you Cherian! It was definitely a fun shoot! I actually used the 50mm (which I reviewed too) for the majority of the shoot :)



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