Boudoir Shoot with Ashley!

I've done a few boudoir shoots in the past, but never with a heavily inked model like Ashley. When I came across her work, I knew Ashley could bring a different attitude and vibe to the genre that has been one of the focuses of my recent model work.  After a couple months of coordinating schedules, Ashley and I were able to set up a two part shoot while she was in town for a hair show (she's a cosmetologist!) Long story short, she brought a bunch of clothes, and we hung out for several hours, having fun, goofing off, and just shooting what we felt like...gotta love spontaneity :)

Some memories from this shoot:
--Pandora's awesomeness for setting mood
--Ashley's hair going wild in the wind
--the moody dusk light
--making a makeshift softbox "tent" with the bedsheet
--showcasing Ashley's tattoos
--talking story and losing track of the time :)

Anyways, that's it for me! Enjoy the photos!


  1. Terrific series. Beauty captured beautifully.

  2. Thank you Peter! You've got some great sports shots on your Flickr btw :)



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