Looking Back...in B&W

Model shoots, in a way, are at the heart of my portrait work. They give me creative freedom, and the chance of pursuing a vision and seeing it through to the end. The past two years, in particular, had the biggest impact on my style, and I wanted to do a blog post to reflect back on this area. But how to approach such a large body of work? 

I decided to revisit my model portraits from 2011-12 in a new light by using a black and white film preset that I've been tinkering with in Lightroom, and applying it to my favorite images from each shoot. It was pretty tough to choose one or two images to represent a whole shoot, so this blog post actually took me over 2 weeks to put together during my free time lol. 

Each photo in this post has a caption, explaining something special or memorable about each shoot that it came from. Enjoy!

First shoot with a model who would become a very close friend...Alexis! 

Jessica was the first model to pose so effortlessly that my speedlights ran dry on batteries lol

shot across a puddle.YES!! 

experimenting with wind...

Building a look and then seeing the concept through with an awesome team...

First time shooting at a boat harbor! 

Playing with intimacy...

LED light to the rescue to help the camera AF in dusk light! 

Lauren's eyes...

going raw with Juelles

dreaming up a concept of motion and seeing it come to life. 

early attempt at boudoir...

playing with perspective with Juno!

doing a shoot with B&W in mind...

Getting to play with water :)

timing shots of Alexis between heavy morning showers. Also my first time working with fellow Isle Media team member Zairrah on a model shoot! 

boudoir meets strobist lighting...
the beauty of early morning light...

outdoor beauty shot with Alexis

longest thread of emails (ever!) between Candice and I, but everything worked out for the shoot!

tall grass can be pretty cool to shoot in! 

focusing on headshots with Gaylen...

Finding out how engaging my photos became when I based the shoot around Heather's personality...

2 day boudoir shoot with Marissa. 8 hour shoot time I think?

playing with McNally's bedsheet-in-doorway technique.

photoshoot-turned hang out time with Juno :)

Round 2 with the talented Juelles! Bad ass swimsuit and strobist lighting! 

playful portraits with Alicia! 

spin around Kristy, and wave your arms!!

Damn the mosquitoes gave us a hard time!

playing with bicycle wheels

a candid moment with Ashley during our boudoir shoot...



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