Model Shoot with Rosalyn!

When I got Rosalyn's comp card from Niche Models, I knew instantly I had to shoot with her. She had so much energy and life in her photos, and her vibe looked like it would match very well with my style :) We connected thru Niche, and set up a shoot  a few weeks ago. I've been making it a point to focus on who the model is, instead of highlighting a particular wardrobe or visual theme. I find this to produce more meaningful work for the both of us, as I love capturing a personality that can often be masked behind an editorial or commercial shoot.

Between email and talking with Rosalyn, I structured the shoot to be an edgy and playful "day in the life" concept. A spunky and spontaneous person, Rosalyn journals everyday, and makes this green health drink with all sorts of fruits and vegetables that she grows in her garden. She loves lots of color, and her closet was full of cool outfits (although somehow we only managed to shoot the tank tops lol). Rosalyn's also really into yoga, although I found out it's not the easiest to portray in a photograph haha. The stuff animal you'll see at the end of this post has traveled everywhere with Rosalyn, from her college volleyball games to her recent travels. And as you can see, this shoot was a TON of fun. Thanks rock :)


  1. Beautiful images, looks like a great time had by all!

  2. Thank you Justin! We definitely had a great time at the shoot :D



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