Corona Fun :)

A while back, I came across this photographer named Lot8 on Model Mayhem, and I admired how his collages were creative, fun, whimsical, and full of life. As a result, I've been experimenting with shooting to storyboard my model shoots, and decided to do a summer theme with Kaitlin (lucky we can pull this look off in Hawaii even during December!) Kaitlin and I both like Corona, so we made good use of the "props" at the shoot :)

On another note, January's been pretty crazy! My shoots this month have spanned quite the gamut: a 3 day philanthropic summit shoot at UH, a property shoot for Isle Media at Tantalus and Pacific Heights, 5 weddings (4 for photo, 1 for video), 3 engagement photo shoots, a dental clinic promo video shoot, and finally surf photography up at Waimea Bay. Taking a couple days off this week to regroup and catch up on some personal stuff :)


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