B&W Shoot with Chelsey!

For a while, I've been wanting to do a shoot that focuses on the model's tattoos, and Chelsey was the perfect fit :) During our meet and greet before the shoot, I was able to interview her about each of her tattoos, and it was really interesting to learn about the meaning behind each piece, given the huge diversity of reasons why people get inked in the first place. Since most of my model shoots are playful and upbeat, I decided to go for a more moody, B&W feel for this shoot (esp. given the old, plantation-era style of Chelsey's house), although we did get some funny/goofy photos at the end of the shoot :)


"Let The Love Shine On." Raised by a single dad on a farm, Chelsey's early life was quite difficult, so she is always very appreciative of love she's received in her life. 
The sugar skull is a constant reminder not to be afraid of death, as Chelsey saw how troubled one of her family members became about the end. The Hawaiian islands reflects Chelsey's love for her home. 
The all-seeing eye represents Chelsey's agnostic perspective (although she was raised Christian), while also reminding her to keep an open mind to all things in her life. The skull crown symbolizes the transition she is making from a bad marriage into a good one.  Not pictured here, but Chelsey also has a tattoo of a koi on her left shoulder, which her fiance has an identical one on his shoulder. 

Chelsey loves lilies, although mostly for the aesthetic qualities of the flower. 

Anchor: the ocean occupies a large part of Chelsey's life. She loves spending time at the beach, and her house is filled with elements of the ocean, from sea shells, to sea animal sculptures. Her brother was also in the marines, and serves as an anchor in her life. The dreamcatcher pays homage to Chelsey's Native American background, which had a large influence on her early life. 

The coolest part of Chelsey's house was her bedroom's canopy veil, which gave a dreamy, high key look...

Coffee lover here :)

The Vader helmet (Chelsey's fiance got her into Star Wars hehe) will be part of the theme for our next shoot :)


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