A Portrait of Trish

This post is a bit overdue...I shot with Trish back in November 2013 lol. The thing is, I wasn't sure how to present this shoot on my blog, as it contains a lot more nudity than I'm normally used to posting. I had uploaded a few images to my Model Mayhem page, but even that didn't do the shoot, or Trish, any justice. With the wedding season gradually winding down a bit, I was able to have some time to go through the images again and really focus on how I wanted to present them.

Trish is a versatile art model (check out her Tumblr!), having traveled in Europe and Asia, in addition to the mainland, for modeling gigs. When I first saw her work on MM, I admired the elegance and strength that she brought to the camera. However, what really struck me was her quirky side, which came out in BTS photos, but never in actual on-set images. I contacted her with a concept of capturing her personality, both her soft and goofy side. Trish is extremely comfortable in her skin, and told me how liberating it is for her to model nude, so it made sense to go that route for the shoot. She is very used to keeping a straight face when in front of the camera, so for her to break out of that shell and give me a range of expressions, whether it was silly or light-hearted, took a little while, but once we got rolling, it was awesome :)

On the technical side, this shoot happened when I still getting used to my 45mm tilt shift lens, so I ended up experimenting quite a bit with different directions and intensities of tilt to soften the overall feel of the image.

Anyway, bottom line, Trish and I had a ton of fun on the shoot! The title of this post reflects how I ultimately ended up deciding to post this, because in the end, these images are really a portrait of a soft-spoken, quirky, determined, beautiful, and talented woman named Trish :)


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