Home Shoot with Sharyne

I've been meaning to do a shoot with Sharyne at her house for quite some time. When I contacted her with my idea, she was in the middle of moving, so we waited until everything was sorted out. She recently moved into her new place, which was built back in the 1920's. It's got a wonderful retro, country feel to it, and as soon as I walked through the gates, I realized this would be a really cool shoot! Between her mischievous cats, thriving garden, travel souvenirs, and art pieces (including her first painting she ever did), it was a quirky combination of elements that define who Sharyne is. Working with her always reminds me not to take things too seriously :) 


  1. I find this series to be your best!

  2. Amazing work Reese! Out of curiosity, what focal length and fstop do you tend to favour for this kind of shoot? do you use a reflector?

  3. Thanks Dave! I love the 58mm 1.4 for these kinds of shoots, and usually stay around f1.8 to f2.2. No reflectors :)



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