Indoor Session with Jessica!

Sometimes, my most memorable shoots have been with people that I met through friends or contacts. This was the case with Jessica, who was introduced to me by my good friend, and fellow photographer, Tim of Second Life! He and Jessica have collaborated on numerous shoots, and he thought Jessica and I would mesh really well! He was right :)

Jessica is a freelance makeup artist and model. She's been able to travel quite a bit, meeting all sorts of people along the way. What struck me, aside from her effortless modeling and presence in front of the camera, was how driven and passionate Jessica is about her profession. The way she talks about it, you can tell there is something that just resonates deep within her and gives a purpose to her life. For this shoot, I asked Jessica to bring clothes that represented her, and let me just say everything she brought was spot-on. The neon pink bodysuit (she's all about bold colors), Power-Peaceful shirt (perfect two words for her personality), and Cooyah bottoms (self explanatory haha), were just some of the stuff that really screamed Jessica :) Being the only photographer she would shoot with while she was on Oahu, it was incredibly humbling that she brought a ton of her wardrobe (we're talking 20+ outfits). 

Jessica and I ended up doing an all-day shoot, which involved both indoor and outdoor photos, acai bowls at the Diamond Head Health Bar (Jessica is officially hooked on acai bowls!) and beers at the Kona Brewing Co. The really cool thing about spending an entire day shooting photos with someone is being able to develop a rapport that simply cannot be possible over the course a couple hours of shooting. By the end of the day, Jessica told me she had given me more funny expressions than she's ever done at a shoot :)

We shot a ton of images together, so I'm splitting them up into two posts. Here are some favorites from our indoor session...enjoy! 


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