Jill & Ashley in Black & White

Up to this point (with the exception of the shoot with Sherrein), I've worked with just one model at each shoot, but thought it would be really cool to someday photograph the energy and chemistry between two models who also happen be good friends. I finally found the answer with Jill (pictured right) and Ashley (pictured left). Both hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Jill and Ashley have known each other for quite some time now, and met through modeling. Jill is an art model, and travels the country modeling for photographers and art seminars. She also teaches an art class to children and is planning to do a workshop in India this fall. Jill went to Burning Man this year, so it was really cool to listen to her stories about experiencing the art and expression at this event in the desert outside of Vegas. 

Ashley is a freelance makeup artist, and has been modeling for a good majority of her life. Coming from a very simple and somewhat bumpy childhood, she really appreciates where her life has taken her now. Jill and Ashley are totally the opposite of each other, which is probably why they are such close friends and get along so well. Jill is very level-headed, and exudes this peaceful and spiritual quality about her. Ashley is a total goofball (you will her random photobombs in this post) with a very youthful outlook on life, and is always about helping others out where she can.

Two things that Jill and Ashley enjoy doing together the most is cooking and dancing, so I incorporated both activities into the shoot to help with the fun and upbeat vibe I was going for. As you'll see in the photos, they took the concept and really ran with it! I decided to shape the shoot completely for B&W, as I wanted this shoot to focus on the expressions and energy of Jill and Ashley while they were hanging out with each other.

Just a heads up, there's quite a lot of nudity in this post, but I will guarantee you'll get some good laughs throughout the photos! ;)


  1. Nice shoot. The ladies were relaxed, REAL and looked like they were just having fun, no stress. That makes the shot.

  2. Thanks so much Robert!! That's EXACTLY what I wanted this shoot to portray :)

  3. Good job. you have captured Jill and Ashley's spirit very accurately. While grazing through these photos I smiled and laughed. Thank you so much. Zack

  4. Super happy to hear that Zack!! Thanks for checking out my work! :)

  5. always beautiful...



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