Tiayra in B&W

It started with an email from a photographer named Tiayra. She explained that she came across my work on Model Mayhem, and really loved what she saw. Also being a model, Tiayra wanted to collaborate with me on a shoot, and pitched a couple ideas. It eventually evolved into a B&W themed shoot that took place at her house.

The interesting story about Tiayra is the impact modeling had on her life. Born and raised in Guam, Tiayra was always a shy and quiet person. She didn't like being around a lot of people, and mostly kept to herself. She decided to go into modeling to build her self confidence. Nude modeling in particular helped her break out of this shell, and also gave her the chance to travel around Europe and Asia for gigs. She later became an exotic dancer at a night club in Guam, which was frequented by a lot of sailors. One of these sailors ended up being her husband. The story was that he noticed that she was the only one who would always smile on stage, and he would come back to that club just to see her. Eventually they started talking and now, years later, they are married and have a very energetic son, Terry.

I spent most of the shoot talking with Tiaya as I shot, and was able to get some genuine expressions from her as she told me her story. That smile...it's really something special :)


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