Jellyfish Lake!

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA! Over the past 9 days, I shot four weddings with the Isle Media team in three unique, geographical locations: Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Palau. We crossed many time zones (my internal clock is still out of whack haha), and saw such a wide range of sights, from the massive neon signs of the Vegas casinos, to thousands of pulsating jellyfish in Palau. Swimming with the jellyfish was definitely my highlight of the trip by a longshot! We had only one day to explore Palau before the wedding, so we booked a private boat, and made it out to the Jellyfish Lake. We were vert fortunate to come in between two huge tours, so we had the entire lake to ourselves. It was a surreal experience. Once you submerged your head below water, everything went silent, and you could see thousands of jellyfish swimming around you, glistening in the sunshine. What's special about this place is that the lake is totally isolated from any bodies of water, and over thousands of years, the jellyfish evolved and lost their stingers, in the complete absence of predators. I decided to get a GoPro Hero 3+ for the trip, so we were able to snap some photos of ourselves with the jellyfish. Alan shot the above photo of me, swimming with the jellyfish :)

More to come later from the trip...happy Sunday! 


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