Hey everyone, sorry that this blog has been neglected for so long! It's been pretty hectic with wedding season in full swing (just got back yesterday from shooting an engagement and wedding in Kona this weekend), plus growing our team for the summer. 

I've noticed that I've been taking a lot more photos on my phone than before (it's always on-hand, after all), and decided that with all the craziness during wedding season, I needed a way to blog that was quick and easy. Enter Instagram. Signed up for it and so far, it's been a pretty cool experience, finding friends' pages, as well as those of photographers, music artists, and other online presences that I follow regularly.

If you have IG, feel free to look me up @mr.arare. If you don't have, you can follow my page here. I'll still be posting some content on Blogger, but the majority of it will be on IG from here on out.

Happy Monday everyone! 


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