Exploring B&W with Alexis!

Last Friday, I was fortunate to work with Alexis, an incredibly talented model who shared an interest in creating some B&W lifestyle photos. I've never done a photoshoot specifically geared towards B&W, so I was very excited to pursue this idea with Alexis.

Everything was planned to get the best results in B&W. Alexis built her wardrobe around black & white colors and textures. The location, Kaka'ako Park, was chosen because it has many different backgrounds to offer. Finally, we shot in the late afternoon to get some directional lighting from the sun.

I am usually lucky if I get a few shots that I really like per photoshoot; with Alexis, I got a ton of them! Everything came together perfectly during the shoot. The weather cooperated with a mild breeze, the sun gave us some beautiful lighting, and Alexis connected so well with the camera that all I had to do was frame and shoot. If only all my photoshoots could be like this :)

Here are some of my favorite shots, both color and B&W from the shoot. Thanks for looking!

most of the images were taken with natural light, but some, like this one, required some fill light. SB900 fired through softbox at camera left. I really like this one in color for some reason...
all images taken with Nikon D300, 80-200mm f2.8

Alexis did an excellent job at giving me perfect expressions for each of the shots...made the whole shoot go real smoothly :)
my favorite image from the shoot! kept this one in color to convey the warmth of the sunset light. 


  1. I LOVE these, Reese! You're awesome! Really talented....I'm SO thankful I had the opportunity to work with you! We will have to do another shoot sometime soon my friend! :)

  2. Shes a special model and even better person! I'm glad that you guys created some really classy usable shots ... bravo to the both of ya. e

  3. OHHHHSHNAPPP! Reese, here I am checking out your stuff and I see Alexis!
    Small world, she's my buddy!



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