No Parking Here...

It's been tough shooting with the GoPro. I try to take it when I go out, but I don't like very many of pictures that I get. I'll find a cool angle, take a bunch of photos, upload them, and realize I should have been holding the camera at a much different distance from the subject. Trial and error I guess.

The image above was the only one I really liked from a week and a half of shooting.

The title is from my frustration with fire hydrants when trying to find street parking around UH. Just when I think I found a spot, I see one of these guys, laughing at me. 


  1. Trial + Error and learning from that experience is what makes a great photographer ... love the mini story too.

  2. haha i hate fire hydrants when trying to park. I really like the angle of the shot. I'm assuming this is a 15mm fish eye lens? I really like how you used the distortion and the telephone lines as a creative piece in your picture. I find them a tad distracting, but that's just me. Then again i tend to hate telephone lines. They always appear as random black lines in my picture when i'm trying to take sunrises in the FG. -_-



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