UH College of Engineering Banquet

Two weeks ago, I was asked to cover the UH College of Engineering Banquet at the Hilton Hawaiian. I've never had an assignment quite like this one, so I was pretty stoked! There was a ton of displays, showcasing a wide range of student work, from aquaponic designs, to motion software. Very cool stuff. However, every time I tried to listen in on a conversation, all the stuff they said went whoooosh over my head. That's why I'm a photographer and not an aerospace engineer, which had been my dream job in middle school until I realized how much math was actually involved!

photo stuffs: used both D300's. Wide angle on one body, switched between the 85mm and 80-200mm on the other. SB900 on each camera, mostly bounced on TTL. ISO was hovering between 1250 and 2000 for most of the event.

Thanks for stoppin by :)

This team is going to represent Hawaii at Washington DC! They're pursuing an environmentally friendly design for a mass production house in Hawaii...very cool stuff. 


  1. "never had an assignment quite like this one"?? I'd like to think that your years at CRDG Summer Programs easily prepared you for this event!! That must be why all the pics look so good! :)

  2. ohh that's a very good point about Summer Programs, Ricardo! Looking forward to shooting more photos for CRDG this summer :)

  3. Hey! I see a friend of mine in a couple of these photos. Lol

    I can totally relate to the info going "whoosh". So cool what others can create in their own areas of interest.



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