25 Things I Find Remarkable About Being a Photographer

     I got this idea from Chip Litherland, a talented shooter based in Florida. He did a list of 100 things, but I decided to simplify mine to 25. I feel it's important to reflect on the things that energize and inspire us, and photography does exactly that in my life. 

1.       You give a voice to someone who needs one.
2.       A new handshake.
3.       Clicking the shutter 88,000 times.
4.       Heavy rain on a photoshoot and still having a blast.
5.       Being unable to see through the viewfinder at a wedding reception because you’re crying along with everyone else.
6.       Conveying someone’s inner beauty.  
7.       Realizing that a portfolio from 8 years of shooting can be viewed in 8 seconds.
8.       Inspiring others.
9.       Creating light.
10.   How fast people will move out of your way once you swing that telephoto lens to your eyes.
11.   Seeing your photo and name in a publication.
12.   B&W.
13.   The amazement of an aboriginal child, who’s never seen a photo of herself, when you show her the image on the LCD screen.
14.   Knowing your camera better than your phone.
15.   Meeting other photographers.
16.   Giving back.
17.   Improvising.
18.   Anxiously waiting for that new lens in the mail.
19.   F1.4.
20.   Seeing what others don’t see.
21.   Knowing you’re part of a medium that can cross borders, languages, and religions.
22.   Media credentials.
23.   Shooting for yourself.
24.   Chasing the good light.
25.   When a photographer’s work moves your soul. And inspires you to do the same. 

Now it's your turn. What do you find remarkable about photography?


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