Brian & Michelle Married!

It's really special when I get to photograph a wedding for a couple who have known each other for so long! Brian and Michelle go all the way back to the days of elementary about childhood sweethearts :)

The seven hour wedding was a multiple venue event: getting ready photos were done at the Hilton, the ceremony took place at the Bishop Museum, and the day concluded with the reception at the Halekoa (my fifth time there as a wedding photographer!) I gotta give a BIG thank you to my dad, who assisted me on the wedding, holding lightstands, flashes, and helping me transport all my gear between the venues. He made the whole day run smoothly for me, which gave me the chance to just focus on the photography. 

Brian and Michelle are blessed with fantastic families. You know you're in company of some loving relatives, when two of them were asked 30 minutes before the reception started to speak as emcees, and agreed. There were spirited banzai toasts and blessings, along with tears from tender and uplifting stories shared by family members. The first dance passed into extraordinary territory, once people began coming up to stick dollar bills in the bride and groom's clothing! Too funny :)

What can I say? Great stuff from beginning to end...congratulations you two!

event planning was done by Matt from Mood Events!

special access to Bishop Museum allowed us a chance to get some stellar formal photos!

He definitely was the highlight of the reception with his humor!

dollar bills for the bride and groom!


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