Portraits with Lexy

A few weeks ago, Lexy, a model currently signed with Premier Models, contacted me to do a photoshoot! We discussed wardrobe and set a date. I was lucky to have my friend, Claire assist me on this shoot. We shot at Kewalo Basin, and the new concept that I decided to try was feathering softbox light. This consists of aiming the softbox slightly away from the subject, so that just the edge light of the softbox hits the subject. This creates a very dramatic, directional light that is perfect for moody portraits. (With the exception of image #2, all the images in this post were taken with the feathering technique).

It was exciting to have Claire on set, as she was my second set of eyes and was able to assist in posing and lighting during the shoot. Couldn't have done it without you Claire...Thank you!

Image info: first four images taken with D300 & Sigma 85mm 1.4. Last two images taken with D300 and Nikon 50mm 1.8G.Thanks for stopping by!


  1. No problem! This was so fun and inspiring! :)

  2. awesome Claire...it's always a pleasure to have you on my shoots. You bring a positive vibe and a ton of energy, which really helps make the shoots successful :)



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