South Shore Swell?

I've never associated the South Shore with large waves. Today that changed...

Image info: Nikon D300, 70-200mm 2.8 VR II


some people actually brought chairs lol

I can't imagine shooting video with a monster rig like that one. 

click for FULL size!!

he almost ran over a surfer O_O


shit, and I didn't even wear a hat.  
click for FULL size!! 



  1. It'd funny and ironic how the south shores get the bigger waves during the summer.
    But Pretty crazy! Nice you managed to go out today and catch this swell!

    And woah, that one guy's setup is like a telescope xD

    Hope you didn't get burnt! Lol

  2. It is! I wish South Shore would get more swells like this, then it wouldn't be such a long drive to get awesome surf photos :)

  3. Awesome...wish I coulda been there for THIS!



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