Photo Adventure with Kelli!

Last Thursday, Kelli and I went on a photo adventure in Ward Center! It felt refreshing to just get out and shoot photos, without any money or clients involved :D

The adventure was pretty random...we walked around Ward, snapping photos of whatever and whoever was interesting, haha.

Lead-off photo by Kelli!

I don't know about the whole leash idea, but the backpack thing was cute.

Kelli in the mirror of one of those sunglasses kiosk things. 

quick portrait session!

examining Kelli's new camera during lunch at Kakaako Kitchen! Photo by Kelli

I think we each drank five cups of water during lunch, cuz we forgot to bring water bottles, and it was friggin hot. 


life at f1.8

hey Kelli!

yay for good light! 


  1. ahhh i love how creative minds get together ;)

  2. Haha, oh my gosh, I have almost the same exact photo of the umbrellas, but at 3.2 instead xP

    This was a lot of fun!
    can't wait till next time!



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