Ray Tanabe & the National Weather Service!

Man this shoot was a ton of fun! A few months ago, I was given an assignment to shoot portraits of UH alumnus Raymond Tanabe, who recently was promoted to Head Meteorologist at the National Weather Service Honolulu. I walked into the main office, and felt like I was at NASA... I've never seen so many computer monitors in one place! The glow from all the monitors lit up the room...it was way cool.

This was one of the few shoots that actually materialized the way I had planned. My idea, prior to the shoot, was basically to put Ray in front of the massive plasma screen monitors with doppler radar pulled up on the screens, and throw some dramatic light on him with gels. And that's pretty much what I did.

Nikon D300 | Tamron 17-50mm | f5.6 | ISO 800 | 1/50 sec

SB900 fired through softbox camera right as main light. Gridded and blue gelled SB900 fired camera left as accent light. Both triggered with PW Flex TT5.

You can check out the story in Malamalama Magazine here.

Wow that was a long post for one photo lol. Happy Tuesday!


  1. This photo was well thought out for the story, but it's interesting to see how they decided to crop it for the article on the site

  2. I'm thinking b/c given the size of the photo on the site, Ray would be tinyyyy if they didn't crop in closer hehe.



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