APEC Freeway Lockdown

This morning, I went down to the Queen Emma overpass to check out the H1 freeway lockdown for APEC. Lots of traffic on the sideroads, and it was strange to see the freeway empty! There was a good amount of residents who were hanging around the overpass, waiting to see the presidential motorcade come through.

All images shot with Nikon D300 & 70-200 2.8 VRII

No cars!

State plates makes me think the governor was in there?

Queen Emma St. was shut down with two humvees and a HPD motorcycle. 

HPD chopper was flying overhead...

And the presidential motorcade came whizzing by! Damn they were driving fast for going onto an on-ramp lol. 
My dad, who was shooting photos next to me, got this photo while the motorcade was passing through. When he uploaded it to his computer, he noticed someone sitting in the backseat...

President Obama!!! 


  1. WOW!! THESE ARE GREAT! where were you to get these shots?

  2. Thanks Claire! These were taken up the street from Nu'uanu YMCA :)



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