18-25 ft at Pipeline!

Pipeline is truly something you have to experience for yourself. I can tell you from a spectator's perspective, it's absolutely magical there.  Hearing the rolling thunder of Second-Reef and the oooohhs and aaahhhhs from the crowd,  feeling the warmth of the sunlight as the sun peeks over the mountains, and watching the incredible spectacle of surfers weaving in and out of the massive waves. It's pretty damn amazing. 

I was out at Pipeline on Friday with my dad and sister. We got there before the sun was up, and it was a good thing we did. The place was already buzzing with spectators and surfers, and things were just getting started. Forecast called for 18-25ft sets, and Pipeline didn't disappoint. We spent a couple hours there, and the beach got packed with hundreds of people. It was pretty crazy. And the large number of pro photographers with their telescope lenses gave the indication that the day was something definitely worth photographing.

All images in this post were taken with Nikon D300 & Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII on a monopod.

Happy Sunday, guys...thanks for stopping by!

The moody, blue cast of Pipeline, before the sun is up. 

waiting for the sun to come up...

some of the smaller waves provided good images because they broke closer to land...

Haven't seen so many shooters in the water at Pipeline before...

Go Pro!!!


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