Photo Sesh With Juno!!

I haven't hung out with Juno since we graduated from college, so I was stoked when she told me she'd be in town for a few days and wanted to shoot! Last Friday, we hung out and did a shoot down at Ward Center. I was going for more of a fashion look, and wanted to focus on using architecture to create leading lines and points of interest within the frame.

Juno and I had a blast! The shoot basically consisted of us wondering around Ward and shooting photos wherever we thought was cool. Nothing really planned, just going with the flow :)


I had just bought a new lens, the Sigma 10-20, which is ridiculously wide (borderline fisheye actually) and wanted to test it out on a portrait shoot. This lens is hella tricky to use, because you have to be careful about where you place human subjects in the frame, due to the massive distortion (unless you want them to gain 200 pounds). The only safe place, really is center of the frame. If used right, the pay-off is a killer perspective from an exaggerated depth in the images. 


We decided to goof around at the end of the shoot :)

Happy Wednesday! 


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