Urban Love + Business Update!

Don't freak out, guys, this is all important information :)

First of all, here's a quick preview from Sunday's e-session that I shot for Isle Media! I was stoked when Glenie and Raymond requested downtown as the location for their photos...most of my e-sessions have been at the beach, so it was incredibly refreshing to pull in some urban flavor from the downtown scenery.

Image info: 10-20 | D300 | f11 | ISO 400 | 1/160 sec. 

I haven't talked much about my role with Isle Media, here on this blog, so I thought this would be a good time to fill you guys in :) As lead photographer at Isle Media, I am in charge of the photo branch of the company (the other branches being video and make up). I take care of client communications and marketing/advertising for photography, in addition to shooting assignments that Isle Media is hired for photography. Within the past few months, aggressive advertising and networking has resulted in Isle Media being booked for 46 weddings in 2012 alone. Yes, 46.  To give you a perspective on things, I shot 17 weddings in 2011, under both Fleeting Captures and Isle Media. And I thought that was a lot!

I'm gonna tell ya, running a company (Fleeting Captures) and co-running a second company (Isle Media) is exhausting, and I'm trying to find that balance between the two. To make things easier, I'm planning to focus my wedding related work on Isle Media (since that's where most of my clients come from anyway), while keeping my commercial and miscellaneous work under Fleeting Captures. This change will simplify things for me, as it's been complicated for me to have, for example, wedding clients under both Fleeting Captures and Isle Media. 

You're probably wondering how this will affect you, the blog reader. Well, I'll basically be posting the majority of my wedding-related work on the Isle Media blog (bookmark it!! Besides photos, you'll also get to check out videos and BTS stuff from the Isle Media team!). Everything else I normally shoot will continue to be posted here on the Fleeting Captures blog.   

Ok, that's all!! Happy Wednesday! 


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