The Transit of Venus!

Today, Venus crossed in front of the sun, in what astronomers called "The Transit of Venus." This is a rare event, and humans won't be able to see it for another 105 years! This is only the 7th time in recorded history that man has been able to watch Venus cross in front of the sun too!

Here in Hawaii, we have the best view in the nation of this phenomenon. My sister and I picked up a bunch of solar glasses the other day so our family could watch the Transit of Venus. This afternoon, I got this shot with my 70-200 and D300 behind a pair of the solar glasses. That little black dot is Venus :)

It's pretty amazing to see this, because no one alive right now will ever see it again in their lifetime...


  1. Glad you got to see it too! I used my Dad's welding hood... it converted it to an alien green color though lol. So I stuck with BW. Check 'em out over on mine!



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