Completing the Team

I have no doubt that July has been the craziest (and most exciting) month this year for me! 6 weddings (including one on Maui, and  double bookings on two Saturdays), a magazine shoot, an engagement shoot, 2 portrait shoots, a hula festival,  Isle Media & client meetings, and finally, a three-day wedding expo. Lots of shooting, but lots of memories at the same time! From the beautiful scenery on Maui, to the 12 hour shifts at the wedding bridal expo, to an unforgettable obstacle course with the Isle Media team, July has given me some really special experiences that have challenged me not only as a photographer, but also as a person.

With all the recent shooting I've been doing, I've had to put my equipment through the most grueling paces ever, and I finally was able to complete my upgrade to 100% FX this month. My newest addition, the 35mm 1.4G, fills in the wide angle gap of my primes, joining the 50mm 1.8G and 85mm 1.4G. This lens has already seen action in two weddings, and I'm absolutely in love with the images that it renders. It can do close up shots, but still nail the wide perspectives. From what I've seen so far, the bokeh is beautiful, and the AF is very accurate. Will be reviewing this lens in a few months when I've put it through enough shooting :)

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