Ceremony Panorama!

I've been using the Brenizer Method for a while now, and was looking for a new way to incorporate into my wedding work. I normally use this method during my formals session with the couple, and realized during a recent ceremony that maybe I could Brenizer the ceremony itself. It's kinda crazy, considering that the method requires your subjects to be still so that Photoshop can match up all the shots together.

I gave it a try during Kim and Clinton's wedding last week with the Isle Media team. I had to time the shots when most of the wedding party wasn't moving, and once I saw a chance, I fired away. Some of the guests looked back at me, wondering why the officiant talking merited me firing off 15 simultaneous images. The exciting thing about the Brenizer Method is you never know how it will turn out until you process it (like shooting film hehe), so I was pretty stoked when I saw the panorama successfully take shape on my computer screen :) The panorama you see above is the equivalent to a 35mm lens @ f0.74. Yup, there's no lens like that in existence, which is why this method is so cool :)

Click the image for a larger view!

Happy Monday!


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