The 503 :)

As much as I love living in Hawaii, there are definitely things that I miss about Oregon from my college days, like the crisp morning air, the funky vibe of Portland, the Saturday Market, and of course, no sales tax :) This is why I'm stoked, because starting tomorrow, I will be taking a vacation to Oregon to visit my sisters in college! Sure, the forecast says there will be a lot of rain and cold evenings, but I honestly miss all that. This vacation will be a nice break for me, especially considering that I've been shooting a wedding (sometimes two) literally every week since July, and my schedule has just been CRAZY.

The photo above was taken in Portland the last time I was in Oregon for a wedding last year. It was summer, and the temp shot up to 98. Just crazy lol. Anyways, I'll be back to blogging when I return home on the 28th, so until then, feel free to check out any old posts you might have missed on here. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Too bad you're going to the 503 instead of the 541 :P

    But yay! That's good you get to see them!!!



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