In-Transit Sunset

After 18 hours of layovers and 18 hours of flight time between 3 flights, I finally made it home yesterday morning to Hawaii! I was fortunate that all my flights were on time, and I gotta say the in-flight meals were pretty delicious! I killed a lot of time between writing in my travel journal, playing games on my ipad, and watching movies on the plane. During my 11 hour layover in Bangkok, I made friends with a guy named Christopher, who was returning to the Philippines after a trip to Saudi Arabia. It's always really interesting to talk to travelers while on the road. Turns out, Chris is into to photography too, and we had some great conversation while we waited for our flights.

I shot the above photo at Narita Airport in Tokyo. Ironically, this was one of the most colorful sunsets that I saw during the entire trip, and it happened to be on my last day in Asia lol. The 747 in the photo was my ride back to Hawaii...I'm still in awe at how enormous that plane is...people are little ants standing next to it. It sounds strange, but I get this feeling of peace, watching the planes from behind the glass in the terminal.

Anyway, just uploaded all 2056 photos that I shot on the trip! I am trying to figure out how to present the highlights on my blog, so stay tuned! Feels good to be back :)



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