Tilt Portraits on Kauai!

Last month, of bunch of us from Isle Media flew over to Kauai to shoot a wedding and film a part of a documentary for our 2nd Year Anniversary this coming May. We had some down time after we finished filming, and decided to explore Kauai...no itinerary, no scheduled stops. Sometimes, that's really the best way to go :)

As it turned out, we decided to have an improv photo shoot with each other. There's something really compelling about capturing the likeness of your close friends, and we had a blast, shifting between epic portraits and just joking around in front of the camera. Along the way, we found a huge forest of trees, a land fill, and wide open field next to Lihue Airport. It was definitely an adventure that we'll remember for a long time :)

All of these images were taken with my new 45mm 2.8 PC-E (perspective control) lens. I've been wanting to change things up with my photography, and decided this manual focus beast would do the job. So far, it's challenged me more than any other lens has before...will be interesting to see where it takes me. Thanks for reading!


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