Crossword Puzzles for Grandma

Grandma Yokota loved crossword puzzles. While her neighbors and friends watched TV to pass the time, she did crossword puzzles. Over the years, she went thru dozens of books, and hundreds of puzzles. My cousin Renee would always buy her more puzzle books, so there was never a short supply. Grandma got so good that my sisters and I would ask for her help when we had crossword puzzles for homework in school! Last year, I thought it would be a good idea to take photos of Grandma doing what she loves. I spent the afternoon with her, and shot some photos while she worked on her latest crossword challenge. No TV, no radio, just a quiet focus. It's like the world just melted away once she brought her pen to the page.

Grandma passed away last Wednesday from intestinal complications. It was so sudden...during Sunday dinner she was totally fine. Then before I knew it, she was off to the ER, and then a couple days later, we found out she wasn't going to make it. Seeing her in the ICU shortly before she passed away was one of the hardest experiences I've ever had, and one week later, I'm still trying to gather my thoughts of everything that has happened.

But when I look back to that peaceful afternoon in December last year, I'm happy I was able to capture moments of Grandma doing what she loved while I had the chance. Yesterday, b
efore Grandma was taken to be cremated, Aunty Wendy left a crossword puzzle book with her, so it would be with her to the end. It was very fitting, and crossword puzzles will always be one way I'll remember Grandma by, because of how much she loved solving them, one word at a time.



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