Updated Website!

I was never much of a fan of Smugmug's old website look, so when they made a huge revamp to their entire site, I was stoked and took the opportunity to update my own too. You can check it out here! My portfolio is still out of date (lol), but I'm pretty happy with the new look of Fleeting Captures :)

In other news:
The wedding season is slowly winding down for us at Isle Media, and while we are not shooting as many photo bookings, our video side is still going strong :) As a result, I've been tinkering more with the motion realm, learning how our video team shoots, which definitely helps me understand how to coordinate with them better as a photographer during a wedding.

Lately, I've also been able to work with some models (both new and familiar) on some looks and concepts that I've been wanting to shoot for a while...excited to share those with you guys!


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