For a while now, my main wedding setup had been a D4 and D700 as my main bodies, with another D700 as a backup. As much as I love my D700, shooting with two physically different bodies during a wedding was becoming tricky (dammit those multi-selector joysticks don't exist on the D700!), plus I wanted both of my main cameras to have dual card slots for redundant RAW backup (only the D4 has dual slots, and with weddings, you can never be too paranoid about backing up your work). Also given the volume of shooting that I've been doing this year so far with Isle Media (16 weddings, plus 8 coming up this month), and with the amount in the pipeline for the rest of the year, I finally decided to transition to Nikon's new flagship camera, the D4s :)

With Adobe finally releasing Lightroom 5.4 last night (the earlier version didn't recognize the D4s RAWs), this camera is now field ready, and I'll be taking it into one of the most challenging set of assignments this weekend: four consecutive days of weddings. 

Happy Tuesday guys! 


  1. Congratulations !!! :)

  2. Thank you Boris!! Btw, I really appreciated you sending me that link to LR 5.4 last night! :)



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