Remi Mead

I first met Remi at this year's Pow! Wow! Hawaii event, down in Kaka'ako, where she was doing a mural. She had decided to tie in her Okinawan background and paint an Okinawan girl in traditional dress (see image below). Talking with Remi showed just how incredibly humble and down-to-earth she is, and I knew she'd be an awesome person to work with on the new Artist Series that I've been pursuing. 

We kept in touch after the event, and I emailed her about possibly doing a shoot with her and her artwork. She was down for the idea, so a few weeks later, we shot at her house/studio. Remi's work revolves around portraits of girls, who she can relate to the best (she initially started in the street scene painting gritty portraits of guys, but she had a hard time connecting to them, and ended up embracing the feminine side). It seems paradoxical that her girls often have melancholy expressions, yet they are brought to life with vibrant colors, but Remi explains that she often paints when she's down, and that using bright colors help to cheer her up. She also loves bunnies and makes sure to incorporate some element of them into each of her paintings. 

You can check out Remi's website here

Here's a behind the scenes look at Remi and her work! :)

completed wall mural at Kaka'ako (Pohukaina St)

Hats/beanies are one of the mainstays of Remi's colorful and vibrant wardrobe...

The garage studio...


  1. Awesome shots Reese. I admire those murals often since I work in the area. Nice to meet the artist.

  2. Lance ModelPhotog is that your comment? Small world.

    Hey Reese, great story, great photos!!!

  3. REMI MEAD is the BEST.

  4. I love this series of photos Reese!



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