Isle Media: Bigger and Smarter :)

I've never worked so hard in my life, as I have in the past two months. On the flip side, I also haven't felt so proud to be part of an awesome and closely-knit team as I have with Isle Media. Since June 1st, we've shot 35 weddings in Hawaii, Guam, and Chicago. We moved our office from Kunia to Kapahulu, and beefed up our post production team with new photo and video editors to handle the wave of photos and video footage. In the midst of all this, we somehow still found time to get together and have our annual company shoot at Studio 1013! Reflecting back to our company shoot last year, we've become smarter in allowing everyone to play to their strengths, and we've also become bigger, in our reach with our expanding team. Here's a fun shot we did with our gear :) You can check out the full post on the Isle Media blog here. Photo done by our Photo Team! Happy Monday! 


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