Jenn & Minh Married!

This was a wedding that really tested my limits as a professional photographer. Jenn and Minh were a lot of fun to be around, but it was the circumstances that were really challenging. First off, I shot this wedding solo without a second shooter (we normally operate with a team two photographers and two videographers at a typical wedding. Kyle was with me, but shot solo for video, a huge challenge in itself!) Second, the wedding took place at three unique locations in San Fran and Oakland, so Kyle and I were driving around like crazy in two cities we didn't know, guided only by our phone GPS. Third, although we had scouted the Golden Gate Park for formals the day before, a community running event took place at the park and we had to scrap the whole plan and instead shot formals near Jenn's house in about 15 minutes (we were supposed to have an hour and a half but things ran late). Fourth, it was 15 hours of coverage, probably the longest I've ever shot. Finally, I had come down with this nasty virus from the plane ride over and was hacking and coughing left and right (made me realize just how much I have to use my voice during weddings). The odds were indeed stacked against us, but we pulled through! One of those experiences that is good to look back on :) Click here for the full blog post!


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