2014 Gear Portrait

It's been over two years since I last did a gear portrait, so I decided it was time for an update :) The stuff you see here, with the exception to the 70-200, is what I will usually bring to every wedding. Granted, there are extra batteries, memory cards (lots of em), Black Rapid Straps, and other supporting accessories, but the stuff you see here is what essentially makes all the magic happen. 

When I first started shooting weddings in 2008, I used all zooms (17-50 and 80-200). Over the years, I gravitated towards primes, as they force me to become more involved in what I'm shooting, not to mention the advantages they offer in weight and speed. I also really love how they render the world :) Now, I shoot all primes during weddings (35, 45, 58, 85) with my 24-70 being a general backup in case a prime goes down. 

For a while, I shot with dual D700s, and they got me through so many assignments. Awesome cameras, and I actually still have one as a backup. Now, I shoot with dual D4s bodies, which are hands-down, the best cameras I have ever used. Amazing low light abilities, near-night vision AF, weather-sealed for battle, and incredible IQ. Probably the best investments I've ever made in equipment.

The SB900's (and now 910's) and TT5 triggers have been with me for a couple years now, and are the core of my strobist lighting. When I need to bring light to a scene, whether it's fighting noonday sun or lighting up a dark banquet hall, these are what I turn to. While there are a lot of more affordable options out there, these flashes and triggers have gotten me through countless assignments.

You can find reviews of most of the gear pictured here on my gear page.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*D700, 50mm 1.8, and SB900 are not pictured because they were used to shoot this image


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