Trusting and Caring

Over the years some of my friends and other photographers have asked me how I'm able to get such intimate images with the models I work with. The answer is this: trusting and caring. When working with any model, trust is the most important element to establish. Especially with my style of work revolving around boudoir, the models I work with are often wearing lingerie (or less), and it takes a great deal of trust to be in close proximity with them. Things like turning around while the model changes in a room, or asking before adjusting something like a bra strap goes a long way. I have two main goals during a shoot:  1) the model is comfortable 2) the model is having fun. When these two criteria are met, it gives me the chance to portray each person I work with to the best of my abilities. 

The other half of my answer, to care, is one that has had the biggest impact on me as both an artist and as a person. In this day and age where models are often treated like objects, whether it is for a fashion billboard or a swimwear catalog, I make it a point to portray each model I work with in a way that not only is engaging, but also celebrates who she is as a person. A few years ago, I realized that there is so much you can do if you just spend time to get to know each person in front of your camera, and have made it a point ever since to do exactly that. Most of the concepts that you see in my shoots were shaped around something about the model (see collage above), whether it be her personality, a hobby/interest she enjoys, or a passion that she has about life. I ultimately want my images to mean something to each model I work with, instead of just being another set of images that a photographer shot of them. 

One of the most rewarding parts of working with models is that I get to meet people from all walks of life and build friendships that enrich my own life. I've worked with models from as far away as Australia, Japan, China, and Romania, and to hear their stories about their lives always keeps things in perspective for me. Some of the people I worked with got into modeling because it offers an escape from reality of their daily lives, while others are drawn to the opportunities of traveling and meeting new people. A few of the models I've worked with have become very close friends of mine over the years, and sometimes we'll shoot just to shoot, or go and grab lunch/dinner to catch up.

Below, I've included screenshots of some comments that models left on my Model Mayhem page (about half of my work comes from this site) after I did a shoot with them. A good number of these models are people who I continue to collaborate with to this day and/or still keep in touch with. I hope they help to illustrate my answer that I'll always circle back to: trusting and caring :)


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