A Good Day :)

Some days everything just clicks. Today was that kind of day. Got up early for a morning run, saw the sun peeking over the buildings and it was just beautiful. Finally had time to fix the router and re-tune it (the wireless had been acting up recently), and got help from a really nice customer rep with a good sense of humor! Did an engagement shoot with Darleen and Richard (pictured above). Hands down one of the coolest couples I've ever photographed and I told them straight out that I wish all my engagement sessions were like this one! They had so much fun being in front of the camera, and it made it really easy for me to just capture the moments as they came. We were fortunate to have a really nice sunset, and I took full advantage of it! My new Black Rapid straps (slim version) and Lowepro Backpack also came in the mail, so I was able to spend some time to prep them for this weekend's shoots, which include a wedding and family shoot. Nailed down a couple dates for personal shoots with some model friends, so stoked for that! All in all, a good day :)


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