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It's amazing how much familiarity we can develop with a place. The sights, sounds, smells, from early childhood, to present day, it never really leaves us. I was inspired to begin the "Places Project" thanks to my friend, and fellow photographer based in San Fran, Tim. He had begun shooting photos around his neighborhood at night to capture its unique ambiance that he felt, and I thought it would be a great idea to document places around my own community that I connected with.

Kokohead Avenue runs through the heart of Kaimuki, and area that I developed a strong attachment from middle school and high school. Whether it was catching the #1 bus at the Goodwill stop on Waialae Ave, or buying snacks afterschool from the Crackseed store, this area has a lot of history to me, and I decided to shoot a portrait of the space in and around Kokohead Ave to bring out its character and vibe.

Hokkaido of my favorite places to eat with my friends in high school, and I still come to this little shop to this day to get my ramen fix. 

Used to be Victoria Inn, but they were replaced with 12th Ave. Grill. Still haven't tried this new place yet...

Really delicious pancakes and breakfast food, served cafeteria-style

I love this overpass because of how it fades into the city skyline...

Kaimuki Library...came here since I was little to browse and borrow books. When I was shooting for UH, I photographed these two musicians here while they played for the library patrons. 

Got off here after school to transfer to the #1 bus. 

Wilhelmina Rise

Lots of memories catching this bus, to and from high school...

My favorite place to get snacks after middle school! Arare, onion rings, shrimp chips, I always left with a smile on my face :)

One of shops in this area that has withstood the test of time...


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