Kay's Lexus

When I first met Kay in 2011,  she had just moved to Hawaii, and had applied to be an Isle Media photographer. We had a meeting at Kahala Starbucks, and what immediately struck me was how enthusiastic she was about photography. She was driven to learn all that she could, something that I hadn't seen in a long time. I remember that her first "job interview" with us was to shoot a wedding (she took the challenge head on), despite knowing very little about this type of photography. Since those humble beginnings,  I've watched Kay carve her own path in the world of wedding photography. one photo at a time. She's developed an immaculate style that's made her a rockstar photographer in Japan, with couples flying her there and other destinations around the world to capture their special day. Kay has also developed a huge following on IG, with photos ranging from bridal portraits to on-location selfies with her couples.

To say I'm proud of Kay is an understatement, and I was pretty stoked when she approached me to do portraits of her when she finally got her Lexus. It was a cool challenge to photograph a good friend alongside something that means a lot to her in this point in her life. Kay loves wearing black and white, so we structured the wardrobe around that, doing both a fun and an edgy look, which represents both sides of Kay's personality and style.

Kay, you're one of the hardest working people I know, and it's an honor to have known you all these years. Keep kicking ass :)


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