Whew it's been a busy week! Did our annual company shoot for the Isle Media team at Studio 1013 (playing with ProFoto lights is always fun), engagement shoot with Matt and Ashley (got to try out some new glass), team bonding at Secret Island with the Isle Media team (noon portraits on the beach anyone?) and finally, a wedding with Jammie and Quang from New York (details details details!). Out of curiosity, I decided to check how my three cameras were doing, shutter count wise, so I shot a couple jpgs and uploaded to Since getting both D4s bodies in the spring 2014 and D750 in spring of 2015, I've logged the following:

1) 138,727 clicks on D4s #1
2) 140,276 clicks on D4s #2
3) 28,022 clicks on D750

That's 307,025 clicks in 2 years. Pretty crazy. 


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