Got to see Joe McNally do a live demo at the Nikon booth today! He used the only two known SB5000 speedlights in existence (the product has been released yet), and did a strobist shoot with a model on-stage. It was awesome to see Joe live, since he's such a charismatic, humorous, and energetic instructor. McNally shot with the new Nikon D5, so that was also very cool. I got to test out a D5 at the Nikon booth and it unbelievably clean at ISO 8000.

Today was the last day of the expo so I'm bummed, but relieved at the same time. Bummed because it was such an amazing experience, getting to take some very insightful classes and meeting some cool people along way, not to mention getting to meet a bunch of companies that I deeply respect in the photography industry. Relieved, because it's been quite exhausting on little sleep and long days at the tradeshow and classes.

Until next time, WPPI!


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