You Did It!!

For my youngest sister...

Linds!!! It didn't seem that long ago that you first went up to Oregon to start your college career and now you're a graduate of Willamette University with a double major in English and Classics. How in the world you pulled this off, while being so involved in school (club volleyball and joining a sorority to name a couple), traveling abroad, and working, is beyond me, but you did it!!! I got chicken skin and teared up watching you walk in with the procession today, happily holding grandpa's photo. He would have been SO proud of you, and I'm thankful that he had such a positive influence on your writing. Judging by how your friends, co-workers, and professors responded to you throughout the day really shows how much you impacted people's lives in such a positive way at this school and that makes me incredibly proud :) Congratulations Linds!!


  1. What an awesome picture, I got all emotional looking at her holding uncle's picture. Please tell her we said congratulations:)



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