Outdoor Session with Jessica!

One of the things that Jessica was pretty stoked about for coming to Hawaii (besides the food) was to shoot on the beach. She had a custom bikini made and outfitted it with a cool cap that gave it a gypsy feel. We had a lot of fun cruising at the beach, and Jessica's dance background came out when I had her just goof around by the water :) We went through a bunch of outfits after, but I feel these images best reflect Jessica's humous side the best. I also made sure to spotlight some of her ink, which helps to reflect another part of Jessica's personality and vibe. You can check out the indoor part of the shoot (NSFW) here

On another note, my blog just passed a quarter of a million views!!! Thank you so much everyone for always checking out my work...I truly appreciate it and can't wait to share more stuff with you guys :D


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