2017 In Review!

Looking back, 2017 was a year full of enriching experiences for me. From traveling to new countries, to exploring  new interests, there is a lot to be thankful for this year. Below in no particular order, are some highlights from 2017.

1) Seeing the beauty, tasting the food, and experiencing the culture of one of my bucket list countries, New Zealand, with Ruby.
2) Seeking out fresh angles and compositions for my wedding work.
3) Dipping my toes in the Atlantic, experiencing nightlife, and exploring an abandoned resort while shooting a wedding in Cancun.
4) Photographing Gareth Emery, my all-time favorite DJ, when he came to perform at the Republik.
5) Living with Ruby, and becoming closer as a couple.
6) Daily gratitude.
7) Falling back in love with landscapes through my iPhone.

8) Teaching myself about the stock market and investing in my first stock (Amazon!)
9) Watching Kay get sworn in to become an official U.S citizen.
10) Beach house weekend with my family
11) Chasing the Milky Way with Ruby
12) Taking in the sights and sounds of Miami while shooting a wedding there.
13) Learning more about mediation and conflict resolution.
14) Becoming smarter about finances.
15) Watching Ruby and her tennis team win the state title in Kona
16) Helping with Lindsey's surprise visit home to my parents for Christmas break.
17) Shooting Tina and Rob's engagement at the KHON2 Studio.
18) Finding new music with Spotify.
19) Four Seasons staycation with Ruby (work hard, play hard!)
20) Seeing the Secret Service in action when Trump came to stay in Waikiki. 

21) Exploring mirrorless with the XT-2.
22) Shooting a wedding in Kona with 760 guests.
23) Getting up earlier.
24) "Cutlet Club" weekly lunches with my parents and grandma
25) Reading books to enrich my life (i.e "Leaders Eat Last")


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